At Easy Car Loan Approval, we specialize in helping people with all kinds of credit. Whether you have good credit, bad credit or no credit our approval is just one click away!

Through our quick application process we do not pull your credit report, so we provide you with interest rates. Once the application is filled, we then send it off to one of our financial experts at your designated dealer to provide you with proper rates that suits your lifestyle and budget!

This whole process is absolutely FREE of charge. We handle the paperwork and the run around on your behalf. Let us take care of you for the price of FREE!

Yes we can still approve you. We have programs that are specifically made for people that are in situations just like yours! 

We have worked with many applicants that have just turned 18 and applied for car loan through our programs. We have a very high success rate in approving people who have just turned 18 or have no credit. 

Our network of dealers has access to a massive supply of vehicles. If they don’t already have the vehicle you are looking for, they can find one that is better or similar to suit your needs!

The only city we can offer private financing in at the moment is Calgary, AB Canada. Other than that one area we cannot offer private financing.

No, we do not offer cash loans. In almost all cases we are able to find a better vehicles through our massive network of dealers.

In most cases we do not require any amount of a down payment in order for you to be approved.

Of course we can still help you. Just like buying a home, not everyone finishes paying off their loan when they want to move onto something new. We just apply the money owing towards the new vehicle and consolidate the payments as one.

Yes. All of our dealerships report payments to the Credit Bureau every month. Making consistent payment on time will drastically improve your credit score over time.

Yes. We have specialized financing programs that are made for people just like you. Our programs are designed to help you get back up on your feet and improve your credit score!


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